Personal Data Protection Policy

October 29th, 2021

In order to provide the personal data of customers, business partners, employees and other business –related parties of Fuji Electric (Thailand) to be collected and used for the purposes agreed upon by the data owner and according to the law of the Personal Data Protection, the Company therefore has set the personal data protection policy as follows.

1. The Company shall respect the privacy rights of customers, business partners, employees and those involved with the Company's business to the utmost.

2. The Company shall request personal data only as necessary in the administration or as required by law and shall ask the data owner directly unless authorized by the data owner to use that data from another source.

3. The Company shall inform the purpose of collecting, data usage and right of the owner personal data at first time.

4. The Company has set up a system for the collection, use, and processing of personal data tightly as confidential carefully

5. The Company provides a Data Summary officer, a Data Protection officer to ensure that Personal information is used for the intended purpose. We don't use beyond approval from the information owner or do not cause any loss or damage to the information owner.

6. Regarding Controlled-Specific Data such as ethnic information, medical information, criminal record and etc, if necessary the Company will ask for the explicit consent from the owner of the information and use it carefully and confidentially.

7. Owner of information has the right to access, review and withdraw that consent easily throughout the retention period.

8. Regarding the owners of the information that are foreigners,the company will treat them same the methods as Thai people.

9. The transmission of information to the outside of the company will strictly comply with the Thai laws and ensure that the outside company is safe and has at least the protection system required by Thai laws.

10. The personal information that the company stored and used, the company will treat it as the company's own property. We don’t allow anyone to infringe, disclose, use for private, or destroy without approval in accordance procedures. If there are violations, they will be investigated and punished according to disciplinary procedures, and if there are civil, criminal or administrative damages, the company will prosecute the violators and must compensate for damages incurred under the provisions of the Personal Data Protection and other related laws.

The company requests that all employees comply with this policy. Please be informed and strictly comply & follow.

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